Pool SizeRectangle inground
Kit Price
Pool SizeRoman Kit Price
(6 Inch Radius Corners)
Pool SizeGrecian Kit PricePool SizeOval Kit Price
14'x28'$8,999 14'x28' $8,899 14'x28'$8,499 14'x28'$8,599
16'x32'$9,999 16'x32' $9,999 16'x32'$9,499 16'x32'$9,499
18'x36'$11,19918'x36' $11,09919'X41'$11,599 18'x36'$10,699
20'x40'$12,499 20'x40'$12,499 20'x40'$11,999

Pool SizeLagoon Kit PricePool SizeLazy L Kit PricePool SizeMountain Lake or Humpback KidneyPool SizeKidney or Crescent Kit Price
14'x28'$10,499 14'x28'$8,599 14'x28'$8,999 14'x28'$8,799
16'x32'$11,799 16'x32'$9,599 16'x32'$9,899 16'x32'$10,099
18'x36'$14,299 18'x40'$11,299 18'x36'$10,998 18'x36'$11,199
20'x40'$15,399 20'x42'$12,099 20'x40'$12,299

Inground Pool Kit Includes: 
Inground Pool Kit 14 Gauge galvanized walls, "X" bracing, & hardware
LinerChoice of 30 Mil Full Print liner
CopingAluminum coping
1 HP Pump & Filter Filter sand included
Skimmer Package1 Widemouth Skimmer, 2 Returns, 1 Main Drain
Plumbing Kit1 1/2"x100' Premium Flex Hose ,clamps,poly fittings, Jacuzzi fittings, ball valve, PVC cement & teflon tape
Maintenance KitLeaf Skimmer, Backwash Hose 25' & Stain Steel Clamp
Maintenance KitThermometer, Test Kit & Wall Brush
Vacuum EquipmentVacuum Pole 8'-16', Manual Vacuum Head, & Vacuum Hose 
LadderStainless steel ladder with 3 treads With anchors
Solar BlanketBased on the pool size 12 Mil

6' Straight Steps
6' Curved Steps
Solar Roller
Pool Light(s)
Auto Pool Cleaner
Gas Pool Heater-Electronic (266,000BTU)
Heat Pump