Aqua Pill Solarpill enables pool owners to prevent pool water evaporation and heat loss by using a simple measureless capsule, getting the benefits of a solar blanket without the cost or hassle involved. Solar Pill is not affected by automatic pool cleaners, is safe to use with all pool types and completely biodegradable. For complete protection against pool water evaporation and heat loss, simply drop into your pool skimmer and its time-release formula provides all-day protection. Made in the USA.

Product Dosage

1 pill per 12,000 gallons of water per month.


  1. Determine the number of Solar Pills needed according to pool size (1 12K pill per 12,000 gallons of water or a 30K pill per 30,000 gallons of water).
  2. Shake well before using. Remove the blue piercing tool from the package. Seperate the blue piercing tool from the push-pin. Place the pointed end of the blue-piercing tool into the recessed areas of the cap. Holding the capsule, firmly press the blue piercing tool against a hard surface (wooden deck or concrete pad) until the piercing tool punctures through the plastic cap. Remove the blue piercing tool. Hold the capsule over the open skimmer. Using the supplied white push-pin, pierce one dot only.
  3. With the pump running, place capsule in skimmer and allow liquid to dispense. Do not place in skimmer with chlorine tablets.
  4. Remove Solar Pill after 4-6 hours or when the color turns clear, discarding it. It is suggested that you run for the pump at least 8 hours daily for proper circulation.A