AquaChek’s Nitrate Nitrite test strips give pool owners an easy, effective way to test for high nitrate-nitrite levels in their pool, which can cause uncontrollable algae growth and chlorine depletion that wreck pool usability. Considered the X-factor when diagnosing difficult pool problems, Nitrate Nitrite produces a quick, accurate reading of your nitrate-nitrite levels, which if high can be treated to restore chlorine’s normal effectiveness and eliminate out of control algae.


  1. Dip strip into water for 1 second (or pass under gentle water stream) and remove. Do not shake excess water from the test strip.
  2. Hold the strip level, with pad side up, for 30 seconds. Compare the Nitrite test pad to the color chart on bottle.
  3. At 60 seconds, compare the Nitrate test pad to the color chart. Estimate results if the color on the test pad falls between two color blocks.

The Nitrate Test actually measures the sum of both nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen present in the sample.