GLB Algimycin 600 is a non-metallic, non-foaming, polymer-based algaecide that kills and controls green algae. This product does not require pool closing. It clears water with a filter aid that removes dead and living algae fast. This product contains no metals and has been proven not to harm pool liners. Algimycin 600 is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, salt water pools, and biguanide sanitizers.

Product Dosage

Initial Treatment:

9 fl oz per 10,000 gallons of water.

Routine Maintenance:

3 fl oz per 10,000 gallons of water per week.

Visible Algae Growth:

16 fl oz per 10,000 gallons of water.


Pools containing heavy algae growth should be cleaned prior to using Algimycin 600.

24 hours after treating visible algae growth, algae debris should be removed by standard cleaning procedures. Dilute Algimycin 600 with at least 9 parts water before applying. Pour required amount of Algimycin 600 into a plastic watering can and fill with water. Maintaining consistant pool circulation, sprinkle solution around edge of pool. To control black algae, and other resistant forms, use GLB Algimycin 1000.

Initial Pool Start-Up: Use GLB Sequa-Sol to prevent scale and stain formation.

Important Note: Always apply chemicals separately. Never combine them.


Ingredient: Poly [oxyethylene (dimethyliminio) ethylene (dimethyliminio) ethylene dichloride]: 60%, Other Ingredients: 40%