GLB Granular Chlorine is an effective and easy way to sanitize your pool. This product features a fast dissolving formula. Many experts recommend daily chlorination. Granular Chlorine is stabilized against the sun’s UV rays which break down chlorine. Stabilized chlorine means less sanitizer consumption. A double dose of Granular Chlorine can be used as a shock treatment. This product does not contain calcium.

Product Dosage

Initial Application:

9 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.

Maintenance Dosage:

1 1/4 oz per 10,000 gallons of water per day.


  1. Adjust the pool water pH value between 7.2 and 7.8 and total alkalinity between 80 and 150 ppm as determined by a suitable test kit.
  2. Stabilize pool water with 30 ppm stabilizer as directed on the container label. Thereafter, regular use of GLB Granular Chlorine will provide any needed makeup stabilizer.
  3. Shock treat the pool water by using 16 oz. of GLB Granular Chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Before using the pool, be certain the chlorine level returns to 1 to 1.5 ppm.
  4. Shock treat your pool at least twice monthly (more often in sunbelt regions) according to step 3 above. During hot weather and peak swimmer loads, shock treat your pool weekly to prevent water cloudiness and algae growth.


Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione: 99%, Inert Ingredients: 1%, Available Chlorine: 56%