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Our Floppy Protective Hose is designed to provide superior protection from liquids and dust. It is available in three sizes (1/2“, 3/4“, 1“) and is constructed from a durable PVC material that is resistant to abrasion and corrosion for long lasting performance. The hose features a unique internal helix design that provides superior flexibility and enables it to bend and twist around corners and other obstacles, while still maintaining its shape. The hose is also flame retardant and boasts a temperature range of20°F to +150°F. Its lightweight construction and superior flexibility make it an ideal choice for many applications, including automotive, industrial, and agricultural.

The STANDARD-FLEX Conduit make protecting the CSST tubing easier than ever.

  • For use in protecting HOME-FLEX CSST pipe from punctures

  • Features high-quality, coated steel for durability

  • For use with natural gas or liquid propane

  • CSA and IAPMO certified

  • Made in South Korea