Striker Plate 4″X9″ Corrugated SS



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This Striker Plate is crafted from highgrade corrugated stainless steel, making it a reliable, rustresistant choice for a variety of applications. It measures 4 inches in width and 9 inches in length, making it an ideal size for a number of projects. The corrugated design adds strength and durability to the plate, making it perfect for heavyduty use. This Striker Plate is easy to install and is sure to last for years to come.

The STANDARD-FLEX striker plate should be used when CSST is installed behind a wall, floor or ceiling. It will protect CSST from nail screw punctures. Required by most codes for CSST installations.

  • CSA approved

  • Use when routing CSST through blind area like walls and crawl spaces to prevent damage of CSST tubing

  • Made in South Korea