High Powered Phosphate Removal.

“PHOSfree” is available in commercial strength. It is the only patented product that removes phosphates on the filter. This commercial strength formula quickly reduces extreme high phosphate levels. PHOSfree Commercial Strength provides professional service companies an excellent tool for reducing the time spent trying to lower very high phosphate levels reliably. It will also work well on large commercial and institutional swimming pools.

  • Works on both the filter and in the pool for maximum phosphate removal
  • Easily maintains low levels of phosphates in the largest volumes of water
  • Strongest formulation available on the market.

Directions for use:

1. Clean or backwash filter

2. Apply appropriate dose. See chart below

3. Shake bottle well and with filter pump running add dose directly to the skimmer

4. Clouding may occur. After 48 hours, vacuum to filter

Dosage Chart

Phosphate Level                Dosage                Per Gallons

1000ppb                             1/2 L                    10,000 gallons

2000ppb                             1 L                       10,000 gallons

1000ppb                             1 L                       20,000 gallons

2000ppb                             2L                        20,000 gallons

* Do not add more than 1.5L (50oz or half a bottle) at a time

* To treat higher phosphate levels, add 1.5L (50oz or half a bottle) every 24 hours until desired result is obtained

Note: Retest water after each completed treatment. Repeat until phosphate level is below 100ppb.

Important: Algae must be treated prior to testing and lowering phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing phosphates.