Aluminum Telescoping Vacuum Pole; Helping you Clean Those Hard to Reach Areas!
Clean your pool with efficiency using this Aluminum Telescoping Pole. Designed with three sections and an external cam of high-quality anodized aluminum, this pool-cleaning device will not rust or corrode. This pole can be use with brushes, leaf rakes, leaf skimmers, vacuum heads and more for a thorough pool-cleaning experience. This item features an extra-thick hand grip and two external locking cams. Target areas of your pool that are typically a challenge to clean with the poles added length and greater flexibility. Pick up debris with greater reach, tackle the area underneath diving boards and clean the inside walls of the pool. Easily adjustable, this pool telescoping pole (6′ ft. – 12′ ft.), is a must-have accessory for pool owners. When not in use, you can shorten the pole to the 6′ position for easy storage in a closet, shed or garage.

6′ ft. – 12′ ft.