Product Name: Dolphin Premium Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner
Product Code: 99996211
Cleans Pool Surfaces: Vinyl, Tile, Concrete, Fiberglass
Cleaning Cycles: 1 Hour, 2 Hours
Filter Type: Basket
Fine Debris Filtration: Yes
Cord Length: 60 Ft
Caddy Cart: YES
Warranty: 2 Year(s)



The Dolphin Premium has been called the best Dolphin Pool cleaner ever made, built on a brand new and highly advanced robot platform. It is the highest-end Robotic Pool Cleaner available on the market today. With groundbreaking design and a level of efficiency never seen before, the future has already begun. Highly efficient, state-of-the-art DC motors and an ingenious Multi-Media filtration system deliver an exceptional user experience while reducing energy use up to 87%.


Why Dolphin Premium?

The right tool for the job: With Active Brush cleaning technology, the Dolphin Premium’s brushes rotate at 2x the speed of the robot, resulting in enhanced cleaning capabilities. Plus with the Power Stream mobility system, complete cleaning coverage of all pool surfaces is ensured.

Fast efficiency: Drop the Dolphin Premium into your pool and the SmartNav microprocessor automatically scans the pool to measure its size and shape. The Dolphin Premium follows a pattern that cleans every square inch (a compete cleaning cycle) in just two hours, and features a quick cleaning 1 hour cycle option as well. The Dolphin Premium is so efficient, you can automatically set it to run only when you need to run it: about two to three times per week.

Save energy and money: Reduce your energy cost by up to 90% with dual 24 volt brush-less DC energy-efficient, long-life motors. DC motors and the SmartNav robotic scanner create superior efficiency and a clean pool at just five cents per hour.

Easy access and mobility: The Dolphin Premium features an easy to access top load filter basket, featuring 2 cartridge levels and a .96 gallon capacity. The robot even lights up at night time using onboard LEDs, so you don’t lose track of it or step on it while in operation. Plus, the included caddy cart make storing your Dolphin Premium when not in use quick and easy!

Convenience for all: Pull the Dolphin Premium from your pool, and within seconds of breaking the surface of the water, the unit will drain 90% of the water from within. This quick water release feature makes it easy to remove the cleaner without straining yourself! Plus, the Dolphin Premium is ultra-compact, measuring just 16.5 inches long, 17 inches tall and 13 inches in height.

Bluetooth Control: With industry-first Bluetooth technology built in, and the user-friendly Dolphin Control app on your smartphone, you can remotely control and maneuver your Dolphin Premium cleaner.

Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Note: robotic cleaners are not guaranteed to clean perfectly around obstacles such as stairs, main drains, and safety ledges.