Filtra Balls Filter Media For Sand Filters



Replace the sand in your new or existing sand filter with Filtra Balls Filter Media and experience the difference! Reusable, eco-friendly and made from 100% polyethylene, these tiny balls will last for years while filtering particles down to 10 microns. 1 box of Filtra Balls is equivalent to 50 pounds of normal filter sand!


  • Alternative to Sand
  • High Dirt Capacity
  • Lowest Pressure Increase
  • No Clogging
  • Lowest Backwash Frequency
  • Long Product Life, and Washer and Dryer Friendly!
  • Easy to Dispose of and Non Toxic
  • Light Weight for Easy Handling (one box weighs less then 2 pounds!)
  • Filters particles down to 10 microns

Instructions for use:

  • 1. Power down the pump, and open your filter tank
  • 2. Empty any existing media and/or sand from the tank and clean the tank thoroughly
  • 3. Fill the filter with Filtre Balls Filter Media; 1 Bag is equivalent to 50 lbs of sand
  • 4. Close your filter tank
  • 5. Back wash for 30 seconds
  • 6. Power on your pump and begin filtering again